We are so lucky to have such a fabulous group of sponsors!  The women who run these businesses have contributed greatly with leadership, volunteer time, and/or contribution of services that have helped Unstoppable Women of Silicon Valley shine!  Help us thank these incredible women by checking out their local woman-powered businesses!    
Virtues Project Logo

Shannon D. Silva, Virtues Project Facilitator

Shannon is a certified Facilitator with the Virtues Project. Contact Shannon to discuss how a Virtues Project workshop could elevate the culture for your team or organization!

MyoMotive Body Therapy (Liz D.)

I am an intuitive body therapist and I facilitate your healing and recovery. My goal is to help you get out of pain and back doing what you love and need to do as quickly as possible.

L'attitude for Life Consulting (Jenny Lefebvre)

Providing community building & customer / member loyalty solutions for organizations and small businesses. We see your unrealized potential.

Epoxy Studios (Jillian Cocklin)

Epoxy Studios creates fabulous headshots that express and amplify your personal brand!